How to sell by chapter? -

How to sell by chapter?

Sell by Chapters allows you to sell your book by chapters in addition to selling your book in whole. You can pick select chapters or all the chapters of your book with this option. This will give users the ability to purchase the whole book or just the chapters they need. 

  1. Open a published book created by you by clicking on the cover.

  2. Make sure you are in the "FRONT OF BOOK".

  3. Scroll down to "CHAPTER SETTINGS" and select "SELL THIS BOOK BY CHAPTERS".
    (Note: To create more selling opportunities, check the box “ALLOW OTHER USERS TO USE CHAPTERS OF THIS BOOK IN PUBLISHED WORK” so that your selected chapters can be used by others to create new material. Only you will get royalties from your sold chapters, even if another user publishes work with your chapters.)

  4. Go into "CHAPTERS" tab and click on the checkboxes for each of the chapters you'd like to sell as individual chapters.

  5. Once you select chapters, a settings icon should appear to the right of the chapter along with a red “!” which indicates that you still have to input additional information.

  6. Click on the settings icon and input the price you’d like to set for this chapter. Write a short synopsis and click “SAVE”. The red “!” should turn into a checkmark once all necessary fields are completed.
    (Note: If the book has a price, you have the option to select “CALCULATE AUTOMATICALLY” after choosing chapters and it will generate a price per chapter based on the total price of the book.)

  7. Your book will now be available with the option to purchase by chapter.

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