How to set up selling my book(s) by chapter? -

How to set up selling my book(s) by chapter?


      Selling by Chapters allows you to sell your book by chapter(s) in addition to selling your book as a whole. You can offer select chapters or all the chapters of your book for sale.  This will allow people to purchase the whole book or just the chapters they need.  To sell your book by chapters:

        1. From My Library, select your published book to open it.  The published book can be found under “All Materials”, “All Books”, or the “Original Books” tab on the left-hand side panel. 

        2. Navigate to the “Front of Book” section.

        3. Scroll down to “Chapter Settings” and check the box “Sell this book by chapters.”

        4. To create more selling opportunities, check the box “Allow other users to use chapters of this book in their published work” so that others can use your selected chapters to create new materials. You can select “Any user can use the chapters” to be available to all or “Only selected users can use the chapters” to allow this capability to those of your choice. Only you will get royalties from your sold chapters, even if others use them in their curated materials.

        5. To select chapters to sell and assign the price, navigate to the “Chapters” tab at the top menu.

        6. From inside the “Chapters” tab, click the checkboxes for each chapter you want to sell as individual chapters.

        7. Once you select chapters, a settings icon should appear to the right of the chapter along with a “!” which indicates that you need to input additional information.


      Click the chapter price icon and input the price you want to set for this chapter. Write a short summary to appear in the catalog listing and click “SAVE”. The “!” should turn into a checkmark once all necessary fields are completed. The chapter is now available for purchase in the catalog.


            • Note: To make the price setting faster, you can use the “Set the price for all selected chapters as eBook price divided by number of selected chapters multiplied by percentage” setting. Navigate to the bottom of the “Chapters” tab to select the percentage of your choice for this calculation. All selected chapters will be assigned the same price according to the formula you enter. You can also select the “Use chapter names as chapter summaries” option to quickly provide a summary description that will be viewable in the books catalog listing. Once your selection is completed, select “Apply Settings” to ensure your setting selections are applied.

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