How to add co-authors to books and publications I create? How do I assign co-authors to edit chapters? -

How to add co-authors to books and publications I create? How do I assign co-authors to edit chapters?

Adding co-authors allows them to view your book or publication and receive royalties for the material's sales. You can also assign Co-Authors to specific chapters to give them editing rights to those chapters.

To add co-authors permission to view your work and receive royalties:

    1. From the "My Library" tab, select your editable book, which can be found under “All Materials”, “All Books”,  “Original Books” or “Publicationtab on the left-hand side panel. Click the cover to open your work for editing.

    2. Scroll to the “Co-Authors Information” block.

    3. Click “Add New Co-Author.”

    4. Insert the co-author’s name and email. You will also have the option to make the co-author’s name visible on the front of the material or hidden with the "List on Cover" option.  During this step you can set the royalty percentage of the total author royalties that you want to share with the co-author for their contribution. Finally, you can assign your new co-authors to the whole book or only certain chapters, so they get the rights for editing the material.

      Note: By selecting "Whole Book," there's no need to assign specific chapters, as the co-author will have editing rights for the entire material.

    5. When you are finished adding the co-author information, click “SAVE”.

You can assign co-author to the book or only chapters differently. You can do it in the "Front of Book" tab or in the "Chapters" tab. To assign co-authors editing rights:

From the "Front of Book" tab:

    1. Scroll down to the "Table of Contents" box.

    2. Select the “Edit Chapter” icon next to the chapter to which you want to assign a co-author.

An "Edit Chapter" pop-up will appear. Select a co-author in the "Assign Co-Author" drop-down menu and click “Save”.

From the "Chapters" tab:

    1. Select the “Edit” icon next to the chapter you want to assign a co-author.

    2. "Assign Co-Author" from the drop-down menu in the "Edit Chapter" box.

    3. Click “Save”.

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