LiveCarta Collection - Remix Content from Multiple Books

Remix content from multiple books into uniform instructional materials

Combine only relevant chapters from dozens of books into one perfect Collection.

Reduce course costs for your students

Curate content from multiple textbooks into one Сollection. Mix and match chapters to craft quality, affordable, and focused content for your students.

How it works

Step 1

Choose relevant chapters from hundreds of LiveCarta titles on different subjects with the “Individual Chapters” feature.

Step 2

Mix and match chapters from different books in your custom Collection, and add your text or custom chapters to expand on the material.

Step 3

Step 3

Share collections with your students or make it for sale publicly distribute your expertise and earn money.

Handpick Relevant Chapters

Browse hundreds of LiveCarta books with the “buy individual chapters” option to find the most appropriate chapters for your academic goals.
  • Book cover

    Artificial Intelligence in Wireless Robotics
    from $15.00
  • Book cover

    Blockchain Technology and Applications
    from $7.49
  • Book cover

    Exponential: Transform Your Brand by Empowering Instead of Interrupting
    from $5.25
  • Book cover

    Solar Energy: Advancements and Challenges
    from $17.60
  • Book cover

    Fundamentals of Intellectual Property Law
    from $4.32
  • Book cover

    Writing Guide with Handbook
    from $0.00
  • Book cover

    CompTIA CySA+ Study Guide Exam CS0-002
    from $2.45

Curate content from multiple books with LiveCarta’s Collections

Lower cost for students, maintain quality Lower cost for your students

Use only relevant chapters from dozens of books, providing cost-effective resources for your students who pay only for the chapters used.

Engage and Collaborate

Keep collections updated with media-rich commentary and custom chapters. Modify them anytime and share with students for constant access to relevant and up-to-date materials.

Simplify your class preparation 

Create personalized teaching materials effortlessly and design ideal collections for your class, giving you ready-made materials. Spend your valuable time on what truly matters – teaching.

Sell collections and get paid for your work

Share your expertise with others, and monetize your efforts and knowledge. Publish the tailor-made collections you create in LiveCarta Catalog and choose pricing for your work.

Become a content partner

We take care of permissions and attributions

Join our new marketplace and expand the reach of your books! Take advantage of LiveCarta’s individual chapter purchase and collections features to increase their value.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A Collection is a group of chapters put together from the same book, chapters from different books, new chapters created, and a combination of any of those 3. This new grouping of chapters is called a “Collection” which can be for personal use or can be published on LiveCarta for a profit.

Choose the relevant book chapters from LiveCarta’s Catalog. Mix and match chapters from different books, organize them in the order you need, and add your text and media-rich commentary and custom chapters to expand on the material. Share Collection with your students or publish it and get royalties.

Learn more on how to create a Collection here.

LiveCarta is a free application, as are individual accounts. You will find both free and paid content on the platform, clearly marked and easily purchased. You decide what and how much is right for you.

You can sell the Collection you create if you publish it. The royalties will be calculated from the remaining amount after subtracting the cost of used materials that aren’t your original work. For example, you charge $5 for your Collection but used a chapter from another author that costs $1. Royalties will be applied after subtracting the cost of materials used ($1) from your newly published Collection ($5). This means the royalties from the $1 chapter will go to the original author and the $4 left will be where your royalties get computed from.

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