How to create a collection? -

How to create a collection?

Collection is a group of chapters put together from the same book, different books, new chapters created, or a combination of any of those three. This new grouping of chapters is called a Collection which can be for personal use or published for a price. Chapters taken from others must have the author's permission for further selling of chapters used, which is reflected in the book’s feature list in the Catalog. Work published by another user with your chapter(s) included will provide you with another selling angle. Only you will get royalties from your chapter(s), even in new collections created by other users. 

Collection Creation:

    1. Collections can be started in one of two ways:
      • When inside any LiveCarta book that allows use in collections, select “Add Chapters to Collection” in the left-hand navigation panel.
      • From My Library select “All Books” or “Original Books” in the left-side panel. Navigate to your book and click the three-dot menu icon below a book or book’s chapters you purchased, then select “Add Chapters to Collection”.
        • Note: The ability to use chapters in a collection will be listed on the book’s page in the Catalog, under the Chapters tab. Pay attention to the Book features listed to see what can and can’t be done with the book.
    1. Select the chapter(s) you want included in this collection and click “NEXT”.

    2. You can choose to add the selected chapters to a collection you’ve already created by choosing from the drop-down menu.


You can make an entirely new collection by entering a title under “Add New Collection”. Click “ADD” after you’ve inputted the field and then “OK”.

      • Before proceeding, you may check the box for “Apply Default text style to all chapters”. (Note: This may only be done for books that do not prohibit a change in text style for collected chapters.)
      • Note: For your authored books, one more way you can make a collection is to open your published book. In the “Front of Book” tab, scroll down to the “Table of Contents” and click on “Add to Collection” beside the chapters you want included. Chapters from different books can be added to the same collection.
        • Note: When you are inside a book on LiveCarta, a message will pop up confirming your addition to the selected collection. You can select “Go to (COLLECTION NAME)” to be taken to the selected collection, close out the pop-up, or wait for it to disappear in a few seconds.

If you are not inside a book on LiveCarta when performing this, successful addition of new chapters will open a page for either your new or existing Collection.

If you publish the collection you create, the royalties will be calculated from the remaining amount after subtracting the cost of used materials that aren’t your original work. For example, you charge $5 for your Collection but used a chapter from another author that costs $1. Royalties will be applied after subtracting the cost of materials used ($1) from your newly published Collection ($5). This means the royalties from the $1 chapter will go to the original author and the $4 left will be where your royalties get computed from.

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