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What is a collection?

A Collection is a group of chapters put together from the same book, chapters from different books, new chapters created, and a combination of any of those 3. This new grouping of chapters is called a “Collection” which can be for personal use or can be published on LiveCarta for a profit. 

Chapters taken from other author’s material on LiveCarta must be from works where the author has enabled the use of their chapters in collections. 

You can group together chapters from various books where authors have permitted this use, add your commentary to them and add new chapters, and create custom collections of chapters for personal use or for profit.

If you publish a Collection, the royalties will be calculated from the remaining amount after subtracting the cost of used materials that aren’t your original work. For example, you charge $5 for your Collection but you used a chapter from another author that costs $1. Royalties will be applied after subtracting the cost of materials used ($1) from your newly published Collection ($5). This means the royalties from the $1 chapter will go to the original author and the $4 left will be where your royalties get computed from.  

As an author of a book or the content owner, you can allow your chapters to be sold individually and used to form Collections. You can select which chapters others can use to create collection materials for further selling. Work published by another user with your chapter(s) included will provide you with another viral selling angle that allows your chapters to be packaged with others into new collections to reach a wider audience. This is done while maintaining full attribution to you, and only you will get royalties from your chapter(s), even in new collections created by other users.


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