How do I share books and publications with other users? -

How do I share books and publications with other users?

    Once the work is published, you can assign it to your students and other individuals. To share your published material:

      1. From My Library locate your book or publication in “All Materials”, “All Books”, “Original Books” or “All Materials”, “Publications”. Under your work select the three-dot menu icon, then click “Share”.
        • Note: This feature works for published books and publications only.

      2. To share with an individual, select “Add People”, then enter their email address, first and last name, and click “Save” to finish adding individuals, or “Save and Add” to continue to add additional people to share your materials with.

      3. You can also share by uploading a roster.  Select the “Upload Roster” button and then you can either choose “Select File” to upload your file, or you can drag and drop your .csv file directly into the outlined box.

    You can also share your work from inside the book or publication by clicking the “OPTIONS” menu in the top right and selecting “Share.” Next, select from the following share options available:

      • Select “EMAIL LINK” to send a link to your published work from your emailing application (Outlook or other). You can also copy the link with your cursor to share on any platform you use to communicate with students.
        • Note: This option is only available when shared from within the book or publication.

      • Select “Add People” to assign the material to individuals one at a time.

      • Select “Upload Roster”. You can then select “Choose File” to upload a completed .csv file. Select the saved document and click “Upload”.
        • Note: You can also select “Download Template” and input your roster information into the template. Save the template with roster information and then select “Choose File”. Find the saved template file and select “Upload”.

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