How do I share a Bundle? -

How do I share a Bundle?

Whether your bundle is published, unpublished, or in an editable status, it can still be shared/assigned to a selected group of users directly. Sharing a bundle with a user will make it appear under their account.  

There are 2 ways to share a bundle:

    1. From "My Library", locate your bundle under “All Materials” or the “Bundles” tab on the left side panel. Then click the three-dot icon below your bundle, and select “Add Students”.

    2. To share to individuals, select “Add Student by email”, then enter their email address and click “Send Invite” to share your materials.

    3. To share with a class roster, select “Add Students” and then “Upload roster” option. Next, either click the “Select file” button, or drag your .csv roster file into the upload box.  

      • Note: There is also an option to “Download Template” at the bottom left of the upload box. You can select this option to download a roster template and input your roster information for upload.

    4. From inside your bundle, you can also share by selecting the Students tab on the left-side panel. Then select “Add Students” and then choose either “Add student by email” to share by email or “Upload roster” to share using a student roster. 

Once you have shared the bundle with your users, they will be notified via email that they now have access to the bundle on LiveCarta. There will be separate emails for every material of the bundle shared. Your students need only click on one of these links. If your user has not yet signed up for a LiveCarta account, they will be prompted to do so after following the link. Ensure that they sign up with the same email that they received the bundle link through.

Once they follow this link and have registered, they will need to click on "Catalog" at the top of the screen on any LiveCarta page. There, they will see all of their assigned materials. Have them click the button for "Add All to Cart", and they may proceed with their purchase. 

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