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Developing Blended Learning Solutions for Today’s EdTech Innovators

Who are today’s EdTech Innovators?

You are. Professors. Instructional designers. LMS administrators. University presidents. Continuing education managers. College bookstore digitizers. Online instructors. Flipped classroom experts. Education department academics. Certificate program creators. Certification program builders. Publishers. Textbook authors. Micro-credential developers. Remote learning architects.

We are LiveCarta

LiveCarta is a leading developer of digital solutions for blended learning, flexible courseware design and real-time content curation in today’s most dynamic fields of study. Our products are designed to expand the capabilities of educators, EdTech leaders, publishers and(digital native) learners. We develop solutions that are purpose-built to scale content from the university to the remote community and among micro-credential and emerging professional, online and continuing (POC) education programs.

 digital solutions for blended learning

Flex Ability

Yesterday’s learning models cannot withstand the velocity of change within high technology sectors. The fast-twitch nature of AI, software, medical and legal subject matter adds complexity and stress to academic course designers who must engage learners in classrooms and across the digital landscape.

LiveCarta addresses lengthy revision blindspots and cost-prohibitive student pricing models have not kept pace with fast-evolving technology subjects. LiveCarta is the first to deliver purchase-by chapter functionality, copyright and royalty automation, as well as remix-on-demand (RoD) capabilities in an easy-to-use, unified platform.

The Most Relevant Content

LiveCarta users can develop enhanced course materials featuring their own unique resources and remix well-curated content from the top authors, publishers and thought leaders in the LiveCarta catalog

Fast Time-to-value (TTV)

LiveCarta solutions can be piloted right away. Our basic model is zero-cost to the user.

Remix-on-Demand (RoD) Functionality

Use the best textbooks, content and source materials to design your course content your way.

Copyright and Royalty Management

Our software engine takes care of the details. Many titles in the LiveCarta Catalog are pre-authorized for remixability.

Textbook Transformation

Our purchase-by-chapter capabilities enable textbooks to deliver foundational content at unprecedented costs to your students.

Collaborative and DIY Design Elements

Professors can dive into the LiveCarta Dynamic CoursePack Builder and share their progress with colleagues.

LMS Integration – keep everything in one place

We bring university-grade features to individual instructors, but we can also link to the top LMS platforms.

How Do We Do it?

A unit of Tributary Publishing, Inc., LiveCarta was established to develop low-friction learning technology solutions that enable EdTech innovators to build courseware for today’s digital-native students. The LiveCarta leadership team brings a unique combination of software, technology, and academic publishing expertise to overcome the obstacles can prevent academic course content from reflecting the fast-evolving nature of dynamic technology-centric subject areas.

Our unique relationships with Tier 1 publishers changes the game for university educators and EdTech leaders. We enable new business models for publishers and authors alike; enabling unlimited flexibility to set pricing, sell content (including books, chapters, articles, and coursepacks), and open their instructional content for interaction, annotation, customization, and combination.

Courseware creators can leverage the advanced remix-on-demand (RoD) features of our LiveCarta DC Dynamic CoursePack Builder to custom tailor books, chapters, OER content, and their own self-authored materials to suit the desired outcomes of each unique learning environment. Powered by the LiveCarta DX Blended Learning Platform, our solutions scale from zero-cost individual user applications to full LMS integration. 

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If you’re teaching Technology subjects with yesterday’s content, you’re really teaching History.