How do I use the highlighter and add notes? -

How do I use the highlighter and add notes?

All books purchased on LiveCarta come with a Notes and Highlighter tool. The Notes tool lets you add information for a selected text to assist your studies. The Highlighter tool allows you to mark text with a color category to easily remember and return to information later. (Note: this option works for published books only.)

To use the Note or Highlighter features:

  1. Select the text that you would like to add a note or color highlight to.

  2. A toolbox will pop up where you can either select “Add note” to make a note or select a color, and the text will immediately highlight your selected text with that color.

To access the list of notes and highlights for a particular book, select the “Notes and Highlights” option on the left side panel of the open book. Your notes and highlights will be listed by chapter.  Click your chosen note or highlighted section to quickly navigate to that text.


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