How do I add things to my binder? -

How do I add things to my binder?

A Binder is a type of document that allows you to collect and organize text from multiple books, documents, and other materials on LiveCarta. You can add content to binders from materials you have purchased or created on LiveCarta, and add in your own custom content. Binders you create may be shared with other users or published for sale. 

To add parts of books and materials to a binder:

  1. In any opened material, such as books or documents, select the content you want included and click "Add to Binder".

  2. If you have already created a binder previously, select a binder from the drop down menu. 

    • If you want to create a new binder for this material, select “Create new binder”, enter a name and click "Create Binder" to add it to the dropdown menu where it will already be selected. 

  3. Click "Save" once you have made your selection.

  4. A message will pop up confirming your addition to the selected binder. You can select “Go to Binder” to be taken to the selected binder, close out the pop-up, or wait for it to disappear in a few seconds.

To learn another way to create a binder, please see FAQ on How do I create a binder?

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