How do I access books and materials assigned to me? -

How do I access books and materials assigned to me?

Others can share content with you directly through your email.  When content is assigned, you will receive an email notification that content on LiveCarta has been shared with you.

  1. There are two options available to access the content assigned to you:

    • From your email, follow the link sent to you.  This will take you to a preview of the material with the option to “Add to Cart” on the right-hand side. While previewing the material, you will have the option to add a printed version of the eBook to your cart (if available).

    • From the Catalog or Dashboard page, you will see a section of materials labeled “Assigned to you” at the top, with the option to add one or all of them to your cart.

  2. Once you have added all desired material and have navigated to My Cart, if you have a discount code, click “Apply Discount Code”, enter your code, then click “Apply”. Click “Next” and enter your billing details.

  3. Select either a PayPal checkout and follow the prompts or enter your credit card information. Click “Submit Order”. Once processed, your purchase will be available in “My Library” for you to access.


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