How do I share a Binder? -

How do I share a Binder?

A Binder is a type of material that allows you to collect and organize text from multiple books, documents, and other materials on LiveCarta. You can add content to binders from materials you have purchased or created on LiveCarta and add in your own custom content. Binders can be easily shared with individuals or groups of users on LiveCarta for collaborative learning. You don’t need to publish your Binder in the LiveCarta Catalog to share it with other users.

To share your unpublished or published binder:

    1. From the My Library page, select the Binder from the “All Materials” tab, or from the “Binders” tab on the left-side panel.
    2. Click the three-dots menu icon below your Binder and select “Share”.

    3. You can also share from inside the binder by clicking on “Options” and then selecting “Share”.

There are three ways to share a Binder:

    1. Share via Email Link:
      • Email a link to the Binder or copy the link to the Binder and share it on any other platform that you use to communicate with students. From inside the Binder, select “Options”, then “Share”.
      • When “EMAIL LINK” is selected, it will pull up your emailing application (Outlook or other) and generate an email with a link to your Binder.
      • You can copy the generated link from the email and paste it on any platform that you use to communicate with students. Or you can email the link from your email application. When a student clicks on the link from any platform and registers on the LiveCarta portal, the Binder will be automatically assigned to them.
    1. Add an individual student (This option will work best for users that already have an account with LiveCarta):
      • Select “Add People”.
      • Enter the student’s email.
        • The system will auto-populate the names if they already have a LiveCarta account. If the email entered is not associated with an existing account, it will not auto-populate, and you will need to enter a first and last name.
      • Click “SAVE”, or “SAVE AND ADD” to add additional users by email.
    2. Upload a complete roster of students:
      • Select “Upload Roster”.
      • Click “Download Template
      • Open the .csv file, fill out the template with your roster of students, and save it.
      • Select “Choose File” and upload your completed, saved template.
      • Click “Upload”.

Once you have shared the Binder with your users, they will be notified via email that they now have access to the Binder on LiveCarta.

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