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What is a custom copy?

A customized book (Custom copy) is a modified version of an author's original book in which the content is tailored for an individual or group.

This customization allows you to meet your learning objectives, and make the book fit the lesson plans by rearranging chapters rather than the other way around. Custom Copies are a great way to enhance learning and stay relevant in rapidly changing fields by adding additional text and multimedia (videos, pictures, audio, podcasts, and more) at the end of any original chapter or subchapter. You can even hide chapters that are not relevant to your lesson plans. 

Importantly, you cannot make changes to the author’s original text. Any customized books created will show an attribution to the original work and will have all customizations marked as "Content added by (user name)" with a blue background, while the original owner retains ownership & royalties.

For authors and content owners, allowing the creation of customized books from your original works creates viral selling opportunities since it will enable others to create shareable, custom tailored versions. This may then lead to further users viewing the author’s original content and using it for their own customized books. Users receiving the custom copy still need to pay for the full author original (sold as a bundle with the custom copy) to access the custom copy. Custom copy creators do not make money from the custom copy, and can only share the custom copy privately after publication.

Please look at "How do I create a custom copy?" for a step-by-step tutorial. 


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