How do I create a custom copy? -

How do I create a custom copy?

On LiveCarta, you are able to make customized versions of most books on the platform and share them with other users. This allows you to tailor learning material to your needs and learning objectives by hiding and rearranging articles, adding text, images, video, audio, and more. 

Create a customizable copy of a book by following these steps:

    1. Click on the My Library” page on the navigation bar, select the “Books” tab, open the settings icon (three dots) below the book and select “Create Custom Copy”. Starting a Custom Copy may also be done in the following methods:

      • From your Dashboard”, click “Customize a Book”, select the book you wish to customize, then click “Create Custom Copy”.

      • While reading a book on LiveCarta, or previewing a book, in the left-hand menu, you may select “Create Custom Copy”, then click the button for creating a custom copy.

    2. To start customizing the book’s content select the Chapters” tab in the created Customizable Copy.

    3. Customize the book to fit your syllabus and teaching style in the following ways:

      • Reorganize chapters and sub-chapters by clicking and holding the drag and drop icon (3 horizontal lines with the 2-way arrow) and drag the selected chapter to the desired location.

      • Hide a Chapter or a Section by unchecking the box next to the Chapter or Sections’ name. Students will not see unchecked parts of the book.

      • Add material at the end of any section or chapter. Expand the part of the book that you want to supplement by clicking on the chapter and clicking inside the empty text field below the original text.

        • Type or Paste copied text. 

        • Add YouTube Videos.

        • Add audio files.

        • Add links to other resources.

        • Add Images.

      • Select Options” and click on Preview” on top of the book to preview changes done to the book.

      • Once all customizations are finished, you can select the “Publish” button on top of the book and select the date from which you would like to be able to share the book in the pop-up (However, it will not appear anywhere in the LiveCarta "Catalog" or otherwise be available for public access). 

      • You may then share your customized book with your students. Students will get the customized version for free while paying for and getting the original. See this article for further information.


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