Student access to LiveCarta materials via LTI links in Moodle. -

Student access to LiveCarta materials via LTI links in Moodle.

1. Log into your institution’s Moodle and select your Course.

2. Select the desired module and click the LiveCarta LTI link your professor has added to the course.

3. LiveCarta will be opened in a new tab. If you are accessing a LiveCarta page or material for the first time, you will be required to create an account or log into an existing LiveCarta account, which will be linked to your LMS account (we will not need to log in on subsequent visits from LMS). If you have not purchased the material on LiveCarta you may need to add it to Cart and go through the checkout. If you have already purchased the materials on LiveCarta, you will need to make sure you use the credentials under which the materials were purchased.

4. Once your LMS and LiveCarta accounts are connected you will see the details of that connection on the “My Profile” page in the “LMS connection” section. If you need to disconnect your LiveCarta account from the LMS, please reach out to


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