Admin guide to setting up LiveCarta external tool (IMS LTI 1.3) on Moodle. -

Admin guide to setting up LiveCarta external tool (IMS LTI 1.3) on Moodle.

Follow these steps to get LiveCarta set up as an integrated tool for your school’s Moodle LMS.

  1. Go to your institution’s Moodle login page and log in with administrator credentials.
  2. Click “Site Administrator” on the left-hand panel, then select the “Plugins” panel.
  3. From the list of Activity Modules, locate External Tool and click “Manage Tools” below it.
  4. Select “Configure a tool manually”.
  5. Enter the required fields as such:
    1. Tool name: LiveCarta Digital Materials
    2. Tool URL: 
    3. Tool Description: LiveCarta Digital Materials (LTI 1.3 tool).
    4. LTI version: LTI 1.3
    5. Public key type: Keyset URL
    6. Public keyset:   
    7. Initiate login URL:  
    8. Redirection URI(s)
    9. Custom Parameters: Leave blank.
    10. Tool Configuration Usage: Select "Show as preconfigured tool when adding an external tool." This will allow the tool to be seen on any course admin page so that the tool can be added to a course.
    11. Default launch container: Set this to "New Window". Opening the tool in a new window ensures that SSO (Single Sign On) works across all platforms.
  6. At the bottom of the page, click “Save Changes”.

To finalize the LiveCarta tool integration, please provide the following configuration details to your LiveCarta representative or by emailing them to The following steps outline how to find the configuration details:

  1. Go to “Site administration”, navigate to the “Plugins” tab, select “Manage tools” under Activity Modules, select “LiveCarta Digital Materials”, and click “View configuration details” icon (represented by a series of horizontal lines).
  2. Copy the following Tool configuration details to send to LiveCarta support: Platform ID, Client ID, Deployment ID, Public keyset URL, Access token URL, Authentication request URL.

Once you receive a confirmation from a LiveCarta representative, the tool is ready for use in your Moodle LMS. 

Note: For further assistance, you may reach out to LiveCarta customer support at, or through the chat feature on

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