How to add footnotes to my books and materials? -

How to add footnotes to my books and materials?

Footnotes can be used to supplement text within the book with additional pieces of information.  To add a footnote to your work:

    1. From inside the book/material, navigate to the Chapters or Segments tab.

    2. Move your cursor to the position in the text you would like to add a footnote.

    3. A text editor toolbar will appear.

    4. Select the insert footnote icon and a “Footnote Properties” pop-up will appear.

    5. Add your footnote information into the “New Footnote” text box or choose from an existing footnote in the “Select existing footnote” drop-down menu, then click “OK.”

To view all the footnotes you have added, navigate to the “Footnotes” tab inside your book or material.  Select the “Footnotes” section to view all footnotes added to the text. Select “Renumber Footnotes” at the top of the Footnotes section to automatically renumber your footnotes.  The order of your footnotes will then follow the sequence of the book, not the order you create your footnotes.

    • For example, Footnote A is added to Chapter 3, and footnote B is added to Chapter 1-when you renumber these footnotes, footnote B will be #1, and footnote A will be #2, following the sequence of the book.

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