How to add footnotes? -

How to add footnotes?

Footnotes can be used to supplement text within the book with additional pieces of information.

1. Move your cursor to the part of text you want to add a footnote to. A word tool bar should appear up top.


2. Select the footnote icon and a "FOOTNOTE PROPERTIES" pop-up will appear.

3. Add your footnote and press “OK”.

4. Go into your Footnotes tab and click on “RENUMBER FOOTNOTES” to automatically renumber all your footnotes. The order of your footnotes follows the sequence of the book, not the order you create your footnotes.

(ex. Footnote A is added to chapter 3, footnote B is added to chapter 1--- when you renumber these footnotes, footnote B will be #1 (since this was in chapter 1) and footnote A will be #2.)

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