How can I publish or sell a Binder on LiveCarta? -

How can I publish or sell a Binder on LiveCarta?

A Binder is a type of material that allows you to collect and organize text from multiple books, documents, and other materials on LiveCarta. You can add content to Binders from materials you have purchased or created on LiveCarta and add in your own custom content. While Binders can remain unpublished yet still be shareable, you can also publish a Binder to make a profit from the sales. 

To publish your binder for sale in LiveCarta Catalog

  1. From the binder’s page, click “PUBLISH FOR SALE”.
  2. Select the Type of Study Material, Discipline Category, and Discipline Subcategory that best reflect the content of your Binder.
  3. Enter a Description that will be shown to buyers in the Catalog.
  4. Add Keywords separated by comma that will help buyers find your work.
  5. Click “Next”.
  6. If your Binder is associated with a university or school, you may select one from the drop-down menu. You may also start typing to search for your school.
  7. Select Course Name and Course Code if the binder is based on a specific course.
  8. Enter a price for which you’d like the binder to be sold or click the option to make the Binder available for free.
  9. Click “PUBLISH” once you are done, to earn royalties. See this article to learn more about royalties.

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