Admin guide to setting up LiveCarta external tool (IMS LTI 1.3) on Canvas. -

Admin guide to setting up LiveCarta external tool (IMS LTI 1.3) on Canvas.

Follow these steps to get LiveCarta set up as an integrated tool for your school’s LMS.

  1. Go to your institution’s Canvas login page and log in with administrator credentials.
  2. On the left-hand toolbar, navigate to the “Admin”option, and select the appropriate account or sub-account. Then select “Developer Keys” in the navigation bar on the left and click the “+ Developer Key” button. Select “LTI Key” from the drop down menu.
  3. Complete the following fields as such:
    1. Key name: LiveCarta Digital Materials
    2. Redirect URLs:
    3. Method: Manual Entry
    4. Title: LiveCarta Digital Materials
    5. Description: LiveCarta Digital Materials (LTI 1.3 tool)
    6. Target Link URI:
    7. OpenID Connect Initiation URL:
    8. JWK Method: Public JWK
      (this option must be selected to enable deep-linking capabilities)
    9. LTI Advantage Services: make sure the following settings are turned on:
      • Can retrieve user data associated with the context the tool is installed in
      • Can update public jwk for LTI services.
      • Can lookup Account information
      • Can view Progress records associated with the context the tool is installed in
    10. Additional Settings: ensure that Privacy Level is set to PUBLIC.
    11. Ensure the following Placements are selected:
      • Account Navigation
      • Link Selection
      • Course Assignment Menu
      • Tool Configuration
      • Course Navigation
      • Assignment Selection
      • Course Home Sub Navigation
  4. Press “Save”. A “LiveCarta Digital Materials” is now created in the list of Developer keys.
  5. For the newly added Developer Key, copy the Client ID from the Details column (long string of only numbers). This will be used to add the tool to a course.
  6. Ensure that the State has been set to “On” by clicking “On” to the right.
      1. When changing the State to “On” you will receive a prompt asking you to confirm your selection. Click “OK”.
  7. To deploy the tool, click “Admin” at the left once more and select the appropriate account or sub-account.
  8. Once you have done so, in the left-hand navigation bar select “Settings” at the bottom of the list, then select “Apps”.
  9. Select “View App Configurations” and click “+ App”.
  10. On the Add App window, in the “Configuration Type” drop-down menu, choose “By Client ID”.
  11. Paste in the Client ID for the key that was created in step.
  12. Click “Submit”.
  13. Select “Install” on the next step. The LiveCarta Digital Materials tool will appear on the page in the list of External Apps.

To finalize the LiveCarta tool integration, please provide the following information to your LiveCarta representative or by emailing it to Once you receive a confirmation from a LiveCarta representative, the tool is ready for use in your Canvas LMS.

Your LMS URL: For example,

Client ID: As described in p.5 above, for example, 214930000000011111

Deployment id: In the list of Apps, as described in p.13 find LiveCarta Digital Materials and clicking the gear icon on the right. Select “Deployment ID”,copy the id. For example, 140:7c77c89a3k5bai5e46f1b3f4kj36bdafbddc1a7a2

Learn how to add the LiveCarta Digital Materials tool to courses in the FAQ article: Instructor guide to adding LiveCarta to a course on Canvas.

Note: For further assistance, you may reach out to LiveCarta customer support at, or through the chat feature on


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