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How Online Educational Sites Like LiveCarta Are Transforming Law Teaching – and Learning!

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February 16, 2023

The face of education is rapidly changing, and with that comes the opportunity to modernize the classroom experience.

Edtech services like LiveCarta are leading the way to an education system that is more accessible, more effective, and more customized. And considering some subjects like Law have consistently faced high access barriers – now is the best time to introduce new digital low-cost resources.

So let’s go over how these digital tools are able to make it easier for law professors to meet their teaching objectives.

Barriers for Teaching and Learning Law

Especially in the US, law schools have the stereotype of being difficult and expensive. And for the most part – with good reason.

Books for law school can easily cost $1000-$2500 a year.

Students struggle to keep up with their course demands.

And educators often don’t have the time to create relevant teaching materials.

In other words, students face major economic and academic barriers and professors are constantly struggling to create effective materials that align with educational goals.

So with so many barriers, it’s about time that we use innovative technology to enhance the learning experience – for everyone involved.

Benefits of Online Educational Services

One of the main goals of education technology is to improve student outcomes and make it easier for professors to teach effectively.

Here’s how LiveCarta’s vast digital catalog of books and their free tools are helping to achieve these goals.

More accessible

Low-cost digital resources make a high-quality education more accessible. It’s as simple as that.

Students are able to access books – or even just chapters – for a fraction of the price compared to major publishing houses.

Which means students are able to learn from a giant catalog of resources and professors instantly can assign more specific reading pieces without worrying about the economic burden.


Digital learning comes with plenty of benefits for students and professors alike. Students don’t have to travel to the library or pay for shipping. They can access materials right from their laptops or phones with the iOS and Android apps. Professors don’t need to assign an entire book just to add one case study into their syllabus.

A more modern approach allows for flexibility in learning and better results in the quality of education.

Comprehensive tools

LiveCarta offers a wide range of tools designed to support students, teachers, and even authors.

Students can take notes, save specific sections, and even categorize their learning materials all in one place. This makes the process simplified and less tedious, meaning they can focus all their time and energy on mastering the material.

Professors can blend materials, rearrange chapters, and add/remove resources as they see fit. This allows them to cut down on class prep without sacrificing quality.


One of the most important benefits of online educational tools – the ability to customize.

Every professor should be able to personalize their content to match their student’s learning objectives by using relevant, trusted, and high-quality materials. No two classes are ever the same, so this level of customization allows for a more effective learning experience and a higher quality of education.

And no two students are the same, either. Students can take advantage of these customizable tools to improve their learning outcomes and make it easier to study.

Try out LiveCarta yourself

It’s time to embrace technology as a part of a modern law education system. Let’s work together to break down barriers to education and tailor our learning experiences for better outcomes.

Sign up for LiveCarta to bring a better quality education into your classroom or try a free demo to see if it fits your teaching style.


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