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Buy Books by Chapter – Save up to 90% of the Educational Costs

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October 21, 2022
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See in a minute how to buy a book from LiveCarta’s catalog by chapter and create collections out of them.


Recent surveys show that high textbook prices prevent students from buying assigned materials. The College Board states that with a price for a single book of $200, an average student spends around $1200 annually for studying materials. Moreover, according to the PIRG report, “Fixing the Broken Textbook Market,” outrageous textbook costs: 

  • made 65% students decide against buying a textbook
  • impacted on nearly half (48%) of learners in the way on how many or which classes they took.
  • concerned 94% of the students, who had skipped buying a required book, that doing this would hurt their grade in that course.

While being necessary for the courses, it is not common to use a whole book. LiveCarta is here to help educators and students use affordable, relevant, and tightly aligned with educational outcomes materials.


Keep reading to find out how to buy books by chapter you need and save up to 90% of the budget!

What is Buying by Chapter

A course often requires dozens of books but uses only small pieces of information from them. With LiveCarta, you can purchase only what is really relevant for your course by buying individual book chapters and paying only for them. 

What is Collection

Mix & match chapters from same or different books across your library and create collections. Easily drag and drop to add, remove, and organize the content in your collection, to make comprehensive educational material. While traditional development of a collection takes a significant amount of labor, on LiveCarta, developing a course pack and implementing it in a course is quick and easy!

How to Buy Textbooks by Chapter & Create Collections

In the “How to make a collection?” step-by-step tutorial, you'll find a more precise explanation of how to create collections from the chapters you bought.

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