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Easily Customize Content for Optimal Learning Experience

How To Become An Author In 2020
January 3, 2023

Keeping learning materials relevant and affordable has always been a challenge for educators. LiveCarta has some unique features to help educators package learning materials into the perfect do-it-yourself online course pack. 

See how you can customize books to fit your educational needs and course objectives. 

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Our digital platform allows you to publish your textbooks online with several supplementary tools or adjust existing books to your curriculum:

  • Simple and profitable publishing. Edit and revise the text without having to re-publish, receive up to 50% royalty on all book sales
  • Publish collections (excerpts and key chapters from publishers like McGraw Hill, Manning, River Publishers or your work) so students don’t have to purchase the entire book in order to learn
  • Link videos and other classroom material to book chapters to facilitate learning
  • Create open-source materials for learners in and outside your classroom
  • Reach a wider audience with books and classroom materials that are designed with users in mind
  • Make a bigger impact on the education system with affordable, simple-to-use tools that can be accessed from anywhere

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LiveCarta can be a great resource for you and your students right now, even if your books aren’t published yet. See some of our great titles and collections here in our catalog.

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