How do I create a document? -

How do I create a document?

Use documents to create anything from notes, outlines, academic papers, or any other material.

  1. In "My Library" select the document tab and click   to add a new document.

  2. Give the document a title (you can still update the title later on as long as it hasn't been published), select a template (this step is optional) and hit "SAVE". 


  3. In the "Front of Paper", you can add a new segment under the table of contents or go into the "Segment" tab and select "ADD NEW SEGMENT".

  4. Name your segment and "SAVE" or "SAVE AND ADD" if you want to continue making new segments.

  5. Click the segments to open the content block, this space is where you can add your content.

     (Note: You can use the drag and drop function  to change the order of segments)

  6. Select the content block to start writing, a Word Toolbar will appear with options that can be used to customize format and style. You can include multimedia such as videos (such as YouTube and other video service sites), pictures, audio, and more to add context and make your book more interactive.

  7. Use the "Actions" menu on the bottom right corner to add a new subsegment or content block, insert cases, and remove segments.

  8. Select "Preview" from the OPTIONS menu to see what your document will look like when published. Your work saves as you type so you can exit the page at any point and your document will remain in an unpublished editable mode.


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