Admin guide to setting up LiveCarta external tool (IMS LTI 1.3) on D2L/Brightspace. -

Admin guide to setting up LiveCarta external tool (IMS LTI 1.3) on D2L/Brightspace.

By following these steps, admins and instructors can easily add LiveCarta LTI links to any of their courses on D2L/Brightspace. Adding LiveCarta materials via External Tool allows a seamless transition between your LMS and LiveCarta.

  1. Go to your institution’s D2L login page and log in with administrator credentials.
  2. Navigate to Admin tools and select “Manage Extensibility”. Select “LTI Advantage” tab, then click “Register tool”.
  3. Choose Standard”. registration method.
  4. Complete the fields in the Register tool from as such:
    1. Name: LiveCarta Digital Materials
    2. Description: LiveCarta Digital Materials (LTI 1.3 tool).
    3. Domain:
    4. Redirect URLs
    5. OpenID Connect Initiation URL:  
    6. Target Link URL:
    7. Keyset URL: 
    8. Extentions: leave unchecked
    9. Roles: select Send Institution Role.
    10. Press “Register”.
    11. For the newly added LiveCarta tool, copy the Client ID, Brightspace Keyset URL and Issuer.
    12. To deploy the tool, click “Admin Settings” and then External Learning Tools. Select the LTI Advantage tab and click New Deployment button.
    13. Select LiveCarta Digital Materials tool you created in the previous steps in the Tool dropdown.
    14. Press “Create Deployment
    15. Ensure the following settings are selected: 
      1. Org Unit Information 
      2. User Information 
        1. Name
        2. Email
        3. User Id
        4. Username
        5. Org Defined ID
        1. Link Information
          1. Title
          2. Description
      3. Add Org Units: Select your Org Unit with All descendants.

      4. Copy the Deployment ID and click Done.

      To finalize the LiveCarta tool integration, please provide the following information to your LiveCarta representative or by emailing them to

      • Your Institution’s LMS URL
      • Client ID 
      • Issuer
      • Deployment id

      Once you receive a confirmation from a LiveCarta representative, the tool is ready for use in your D2L LMS. 

      Note: For further assistance, you may reach out to LiveCarta customer support at, or through the chat feature on


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