Reduce the Cost and Increase Materials Relevance with LiveCarta

Reduce the Cost and Increase Materials Relevance with LiveCarta

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January 6, 2023

Every university course usually requires dozens of books and academic materials. Yet, the price for all of these academic materials can be outstanding sometimes – and this despite the fact that while being mandatory for the courses, it is not common to use whole books.

Overpriced books can be a real burden on students' budgets, reports state. As a result, outrageous textbook costs:

  • made 65% of students refrain from buying a textbook
  • became an impacting factor for 48% of learners in terms of number of courses to take  
  • 94% of students haven’t purchased a required textbook for a course were concerned that it will hurt their grade in that class.

LiveCarta is here to help educators provide only relevant information to the students, and drop the extraneous irrelevant material.

Keep reading to find out how to make the most of your educational efforts!

Buy books by chapter

Purchase only what is really relevant for your course by buying individual book chapters and paying only for them. Save up to 90% of a book cost accordingly!

See what it looks like in the video:

Create collections

Group purchased chapters in your study collection dedicated to the course or subject you need. Mix & match chapters from same or different books across your library and create collections. Easily drag and drop to add, remove, and organize the content in your collection, to make comprehensive educational material.

See how to buy books by chapter & create collections in 1 min!

Customize authors’ originals

With LiveCarta, you can customize existing books to suit your teaching needs by adjusting the original author's material or adapting it to fit an ever-changing curriculum. Change the order of chapters, hide unnecessary chapters, and add in new notes and multimedia (such as audio, video, pictures, and more).

Learn more about how book can be customized:

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