Publish a Book Online and Take Your Online Course to the Next Level

Publish a Book Online and Take Your Online Course to the Next Level

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December 12, 2023

In the dynamic world of online education, elevating your course to the next level requires innovative approaches. One potent strategy that not only enhances your teaching but also opens new doors for revenue is creating a companion book to complement your online course on LiveCarta. Let's delve into why publishing a book online isn't just an enhancement but a powerful asset to amplify the impact of your educational offering.

Why Publishing Your Book Online Matters

Expanded Learning Opportunities

Ever felt the constraints of your online course, where time seems to slip away before you can delve into all the nuances? That's where the magic of a companion book comes in, offering an extended realm for your students to connect with your content. A book serves as a hub for additional content, accommodating exercises, white papers, engaging case studies, or a curated list of references that might not find a place within the confines of your virtual class.

Facilitate Note-Taking

Now, let's talk about the art of note-taking. A book is not just a reservoir of information; it's a canvas for your students to jot down their insights, questions, and reflections.  It's a dedicated space for active engagement, ensuring they're not just passive consumers but active participants in the learning journey.

Enhanced Student Outcomes

Picture this: enhancing your book with supplementary text, media, links, and even podcasts. It's about creating a vibrant learning environment where your students not only comprehend but genuinely engage with the material.

And here's the secret sauce – address those specific factors that your original materials might miss. Offer extra examples tailored to your students' needs, provide more detailed explanations, or introduce additional resources that amplify their understanding. It's about going the extra mile to ensure your course doesn't just teach but transforms.

Navigating LiveCarta: Your Toolkit for Elevated Teaching

We're here to redefine how you create, customize, mix and match, bundle, and share educational content. Our mission is clear: to make instructional material more personalized, flexible, and cost-effective. We understand the challenges educators face, which is why LiveCarta is your partner in creating a learning journey that truly connects with your students.

Publish Your Own Book Online

Take control of your content, pricing, and privacy settings effortlessly. Earn up to 65% royalty on all book sales. And the best part? We can upload the book to your account free of charge and reach out to you for approval before it’s published. Alternatively, you can upload your work on your own via an intuitive text editor.

Publish book

Remix Chapters with Collections

Break free from the monotony of a single textbook. Mix and match chapters from different books, add personalized commentary, and construct a unique digital course collection tailored to your teaching style.

Bundle All Class Materials

Why stop at books? Compile diverse educational materials into a single shareable bundle. Collaborate seamlessly with co-instructors and manage your course content dynamically. Share it with students in a single action, always knowing they will have everything they need.

Bundle materials

Customize with Custom Copies

Personalize existing books to fit your teaching approach. Modify chapter order, change the order or hide them, add multimedia elements, and deliver a tailored learning experience directly to your students.

Crafting for Perpetuity: Real-Time Revisions Made Easy

Now, the beauty of LiveCarta is not just about creating once; it's about creating forever. You have the power to revise your content in real-time, without any hitches. If something changes or if you need to fine-tune your material, no worries! LiveCarta empowers you to make instant revisions and release new editions seamlessly.

Maximize Earnings: Sell Through LiveCarta Catalog:

Choose between public or private access when selling through the LiveCarta Catalog. Opt for global visibility or keep it exclusive for your enrolled students. With a distinct URL for private access, you control who gets to discover and access your book online.


In the ever-evolving landscape of online education, making your course stand out isn't just a challenge; it's an opportunity. Take the leap and turn your course into a holistic learning experience by publishing your book online on LiveCarta. 

Feel free to reach out to us for more information or to request a demo with our customer support manager, Mallory. Your journey towards an enhanced online course begins now with LiveCarta—because we care about making your teaching experience extraordinary!

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