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How to Write a Book with AI?

How To Become An Author In 2020
October 23, 2023

Discover the Power of AI for Authors! Learn how to write a book with AI's assistance. We explore AI-powered novel writing, choosing the right AI tool, and more. Let AI be your writing companion on your authorship journey.Do you have a story to tell, a message to share, or a book idea that's been brewing in your mind for far too long? If so, you're not alone. Many authors and writers often struggle with the daunting task of starting and finishing a book. But here's the good news: AI (Artificial Intelligence) can be your writing companion on this literary journey. In this article, we'll explore how to use AI to write a book, and by the end, you'll be well on your way to becoming a published author.

If you have no interest in using AI for writing, that's perfectly acceptable. However, if you have even a hint of curiosity, we introduce the finest AI writing tools suitable for nonfiction.

What is AI-Powered Novel Writing?

AI-powered novel writing is a revolutionary approach that leverages advanced technology to assist authors in creating compelling narratives. This innovative tool can generate content, provide suggestions, and streamline the writing process, giving you the support you need to bring your ideas to life.

How to Start Writing a Book with AI

The first step on your authorship journey is choosing the right AI tool for your project. With countless options available, it's essential to select one that aligns with your writing style and goals. We'll delve into the key factors to consider when making this important decision.

Choose the Right Tool for Your Project

In the world of nonfiction AI writing tools, there's a dazzling array of options to choose from, and picking the right one can be daunting. To simplify your selection, we've handpicked top AI tools tailored for nonfiction authors:

  1. ChatGPT/OpenAI Playground
  2. Jasper
  3. Copy AI
  4. WriteSonic

ChatGPT/OpenAI Playground - Best Budget Tool

  • Price: $20/month for ChatGPT Plus
  • Pros: Limitless word count, versatile customization, ideal for nonfiction.
  • Cons: Requires effective prompts, limited response tweaks, offline use only.

      Chat gpt

      ChatGPT and OpenAI Playground, known for their fiction prowess, offer a budget-friendly entry into nonfiction writing. At just $20 a month, ChatGPT Plus grants you nearly infinite words—a fantastic deal.

      Jasper - Most Powerful

      • Price: Free trial, then from $29/month, recommended $99/month for "boss mode."
      • Pros: Abundant templates, user-friendly, superb at long-form writing.
      • Cons: High cost, unpredictable output, learning curve.

        Jasper AI tool

        Jasper stands out as a potent AI tool, blending OpenAI's GPT-4 with other models for robust results. It boasts templates for various content needs but comes at a higher price point, especially for the "boss mode" plan.

        Copy AI - Best User Interface

        • Price: $35/month for unlimited credits and projects.
        • Pros: Plentiful templates, user-friendly design, adept at text editing.
        • Cons: Output may not match ChatGPT or Jasper, not ideal for lengthy content.

          Copy AI

          Copy AI rivals Jasper in power and features. What distinguishes it is its intuitive design. With AI models akin to Jasper and bonus features like a grammar checker, it excels at editing. Copy AI offers cost-effective quality akin to Jasper.

          WriteSonic - Best for Marketing Copy

          • Price: $15/month for 50,000 words, $25/month for 375,000 words.
          • Pros: Perfect for short-form marketing copy, affordable.
          • Cons: Clarity in output, not suited for lengthy content.

            WriteSonic AI

            WriteSonic shines in crafting marketing copy, simplifying the creation of engaging content. Its templates are tailored for various platforms, though its interface may not be as sleek as others. For marketing needs, it's a valuable choice.

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            Cultivate a Writing Habit with AI: Your First Step to Authorship

            One of the most challenging aspects of writing is developing a consistent habit. AI can be your trusty writing companion, providing prompts, ideas, and even content generation to keep your creative juices flowing. In our upcoming blog articles, we'll share strategies to help you establish and maintain a writing routine with AI's invaluable assistance. Stay tuned for more insights!

            Finalizing Your Manuscript for Publication

            Congratulations on reaching the milestone of completing your manuscript! It's a significant accomplishment, but remember, your author's journey doesn't end here. The next steps involve practical tasks to get your book ready for the world.

            Editing: This is where you refine your work. AI can be your trusty assistant, helping you spot grammar errors, suggesting improvements, and ensuring your writing is top-notch.

            Formatting: Think of this as the book's makeover. AI helps you present your content professionally by adjusting fonts, margins, and layout, making it print and digital-friendly.

            Preparation: Now it's time to get your book "out there." You'll need a compelling cover, an ISBN, and a publishing platform. AI can assist with generating marketing copy and guiding you to the best platforms for your book.

            With AI by your side, these finalization tasks become more efficient and precise. Your manuscript evolves into a polished piece of art, ready to capture the hearts of readers.


            In conclusion, the path to becoming an author is more accessible than ever with AI as your writing ally. You now have the tools and knowledge to embark on your authorship journey confidently. Whether you're a non-fiction author or delving into a different genre, AI can help you bring your book to life. Start writing your book with AI today and watch your literary dreams become a reality.

            Remember, your book is a unique expression of your thoughts and experiences, and AI is here to make your writing process smoother, more efficient, and more enjoyable.

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