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How to Publish A Book on LiveCarta – 7 Easy Steps

How To Become An Author In 2020
March 1, 2021

Over the years, self-publishing (or online-publishing) has been getting more popular and it’s no surprise that it attracts both beginner and experienced writers. There are many self-publishing websites to choose from, but they all work a little differently. So how do you find the right self-publishing platform for your needs?

Here’s a breakdown of some key benefits LiveCarta offers to help you decide if this is the right platform for you.

Why LiveCarta?

Publish whenever you’re ready.

With little to no down time, get started with the word editor to write your book and enhance it with digital features — add video, audio, images, links, tables, and more.

Earn high royalties.

Set your own price for work you create and earn royalties of at least 50% or higher.

Take control.

Before you publish, customize your settings to decide how your book can be used. Allow or restrict PDF downloads, availability in the catalog, public notes, printed-on-demand, and derivative work.

Create new editions and minor revisions anytime.

It can take as little as a few minutes — never worry about delays between editions and revisions.


Self-publishing on LiveCarta is FREE!

How To Publish A Book In 7 Easy Steps

1. Sign up for a free account on


2-3. From My Library, go to My Authored Books and click the plus button to create a new book.

Give it a title (you can change it later on) and save.

4. When your book opens up,  scroll to Settings to decide how your book can be used. Click the options you want and leave the ones you don’t.

  • Readers can download a PDF copy
  • Readers can add public notes within the book that all readers can see
  • Print-on-demand
  • Only assigned users can use book
  • Readers can create derivative work based on your book 

5. (Optional) Add multiple co-authors to work on books together and even assign them to specific chapters.

6. Go to Chapters and start typing. You can include videos, pictures, audio, and more! 

7. Click Publish, fill out your book information and set a price (or choose open-source).

8. You can make minor revisions or create new editions any time.

Voila! Your book is ready for the world to see! 

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