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Write and publish books

Publish your book online with PDF and print-on-demand options. Set your own price and receive high royalties or publish as open-source. Create new editions and minor revisions to keep your books up-to-date and enhance them with digital features.


Professors & Educators

Make your courseware dynamic

Manage your materials and easily assign them to students in one, easy space. You can select books and individual chapters from the catalog or create your custom versions that are fully aligned with your course objectives, and share it with your class.



Study anywhere and anytime

No more need to buy expensive books when none are fully utilized. Buy individual chapters from any title and build your own learning resources. Get assignments from professors, collaborate with peers and work more efficiently with our interactive tools.

Find free and low cost books

Find free and low cost books

Explore open-source and low cost books in the LiveCarta catalog. Be on the lookout for new books! We are constantly working to expand the library.
A variety of subjects in one place

In the catalog you can find or create books on different subjects. From health, law, arts, computer science, history and more – if you are looking to learn or publish, you can do it all from one platform.

Multiple book format options

Whether you prefer to read and study on your computer, phone or tablet, or you prefer good old paperback books – we’ve got you covered. Access your books online or through our mobile reader apps. Many books are also available in PDF or in a printed copy and print-on-demand.

Read books with ease

Manage your time and workflow better with digital tools.
Don’t miss out on important details

Highlight text with 3 color options to help you prioritize information, and add your own notes to add context or summarize key concepts.

Gather the most relevant parts into binders

Binders are a great way to organize snippets of information from different sources into one cohesive file. As you read, you can select text to add into categorized binders you create.

Complete books with your notes

Write important thoughts, ideas and details into the pages of your book to easily reference while reading.

Read books with ease
Draft ideas with the online editor

Draft ideas with the online editor

Start working straight from our online editor and never have to worry about losing your unsaved progress.
Continuously make updates

View your edit history to modify and make changes.

Enhance your work with multimedia capabilities

Right from the tool bar — add video, audio, images, tables, links, and more to supplement your work.

Create and study with bundles

A space to put together books and learning materials that can easily be shared.
Add, create and share

Choose from books and documents in your library, or find new material in the catalog. Bundles can be shared privately or published to the catalog.

Manage bundles

Add your team and give them permissions to certain actions within that bundle — edit groups, add & remove users and materials.

Create and study with bundles

Why LiveCarta?

LiveCarta means LIVE changes

Unlike traditional textbooks, that are pricey and quickly become outdated, LiveCarta helps books evolve through dynamic publishing tools. Dynamic, customizable solutions that help you create new editions and minor revisions anytime.

Customize books

Create customized versions of books to match your lesson plan or personalize learning experiences, include your annotations, hide and rearrange chapters to align with your syllabus and supplement your copy with media, links, etc.

A collaboration platform for authors, educators & learners

LiveCarta brings authors, educators, and learners together in one ecosystem, and provides features with all these roles in mind. We provide modern solutions to the educational & publishing needs.

High Royalties for authors

Set your own price for work you’ve created and earn royalties of 50% or higher. We believe that every creator should be able to set their own price for their work and earn royalties at a rate they’re happy with.

Great customer service

Our team is focused on providing you with one-on-one assistance. Feel free to send us a message if you need any help and a member of our team will reach out to you.

Quick online publishing solutions

Never worry about delays between editions and revisions. Keep your books relevant and update them as needed. It takes as little as a few minutes to publish a minor revision.

What instructors say about us

Ziyad Motala

Ziyad Motala

Professor of Law at Howard University School of Law

LiveCarta is an innovative, cost effective and quick way to produce a case book. It offers both an online and a well bound, well printed, glossy physical copy option. The staff are efficient, helpful and very responsive throughout the production process. There is no other option that offers such a quick turnaround time. What is particularly unique is the option to easily make revisions for subsequent editions.

Brian L. Frye

Brian L. Frye

Spears-Gilbert Associate Professor of Law, UK Rosenberg College of Law

Open-access publishing is the future of legal pedagogy, and LiveCarta is on the cutting edge. I deeply appreciate their work formatting, distributing, and promoting the open-access professional responsibility casebook I co-authored. Our goal was to make free teaching materials available to as many people as possible, and LiveCarta helped make it happen.

James E. Simon

Distinguished Professor, Department of Plant Biology

I found LiveCarta to be amazing educational platform. Both using it as a remote teaching platform and/or as a supplement to in person class lectures, LiveCarta provided me with the needed flexibility and ease of posting, revising and updating; and even more important the students with the needed ease of taking notes and adding their own comments and questions to all posted information. The students loved the system. I will be converting all my class materials onto LiveCarta.

Thomas Cotter

Thomas Cotter

Taft Stettinius & Hollister Professor of Law, University of Minnesota Law School

LiveCarta has enabled me to publish a casebook that is easily accessible to students at low or no cost to them.  I can make revisions whenever new developments come along to keep the material current.  I think this is the way to go with casebook publishing!

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