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How to Promote a Book on Social Media?

How To Become An Author In 2020
December 9, 2020
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One of the most exciting moments in every author’s life is the moment his book gets published. However, publishing doesn’t always guarantee a book’s success, especially when talking about online publishing. The next step should be promoting yourself and your book. In order for readers to find your work, you need to get their attention. How? The easiest way to start is through Social Media.

Promoting a personal brand or book online is one of the most effective and sometimes free ways for writers to get the word out on a new book release. Social media allows you to reach millions of active users so let’s find out how to use it effectively.

What should an author write on social media?

LivaCarta What should an author write on social media


Be proactive. Add friends, friends of friends, and people you think may be interested in making a connection. Comment on other people's posts and respond to comments. We recommend sticking to the 30/30/30 formula: 30% professional content, 30% personal content, and 30% content in the form of testimonials, reviews, etc.

What can you write about to interest the reader? You can share how the work is going, what book you’re currently writing, what it’s about, and what motivates you. You can also talk about your success and achievements. Share quotes or topics from the book. Place a small passage from time to time that will encourage your audience to continue reading.

Post your readers' opinions. If you have reviews from friends or colleagues, you can share them on your social networks. If there are no reviews yet, find someone you can offer your book to in exchange for a review. Think about what other users might be interested in and post on these topics.

But before we dive deeper into all of that, let’s start with filling out your personal account.

How to make your personal account look good?

LiveCarta How to make your personal account look good

Take a close look at your social profiles because you want to make sure you give a good impression. Here are the basic points to check:

  • Profile picture. Use a high quality photo of yourself that you think reflects well on you.
  • Cover photo. A background image that serves as the header of the page. Place the covers of your books here - don't miss the opportunity to draw attention to your work(s).
  • Personal information and link to the book. This is the most important field that gets overlooked. Make sure you let readers know where they can find your book. Remember, your main goal is to bring as many people as possible to your book.

What social platforms can be used for book promotion?

LiveCarta What social platforms to usecan be used for book promotion

Below is a list of the most common social networks for authors:

  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Instagram

Each of these avenues have their own unique qualities. For example, Twitter is for concise messages, Instagram weighs more on visuals, LinkedIn is geared towards professionals, YouTube is focused on videos and Facebook is great for creating a brand page and finding communities.

Keep in mind that you may need different formats or variations of your messaging to match the social platform you choose.

How to create engaging posts and succeed in social media?

LiveCarta How to create engaging posts and succeed ion social media

No matter what social network you use, there are general recommendations on what you should do to make readers react to your posts:

  • The message should be informal. Social networks are an extension of yourself so write like you would talk. It’s a space to communicate and exchange thoughts, no formalities needed.
  • Be concise. Short texts are almost always better than long ones. Express your thoughts in one or two sentences. Of course, you can also do your own A/B tests to see which works better for your audience.
  • Use a call to action. When there is a clear call to action, you’re letting your audience know what next step you want them to take. Some examples of CTAs: follow the link for details; share your post; leave a comment.
  • Use different types of content. Text + photo, text + video. The combination of the two will give you the best results.
  • Give Value. If you spend all your time on a social network just promoting your products and services, people will stop listening to you. You must add meaning to the conversation.
  • Be available. Don't post content only to disappear later on. Be consistent and regularly post news and engage in conversations.
  • Remember to be responsive. Don't expect someone to share your content or talk about you unless you're willing to do the same for others. Spend some time sharing other people's posts and making conversations.
  • Find your focus. It's better to specialize in one thing than to be a jack of all trades. Don't try to please everyone – just ride your wave. Most readers are drawn to what makes you unique.
  • Be patient. Writer Alison Winn Scotch believes that if users like you, your tone and your attitude towards various life issues, then the likelihood of them becoming your readers increases every day.


Every writer needs to consider what approach will make their posts interesting to readers. Use this article as a guide, take what works for you and build your own approach. And most importantly - be interesting and get creative. Give your audience an authentic look into who you are and they’ll be more interested in your books.


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