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Create Your Perfect Online Course Pack

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February 9, 2023

As an educator, you might be the one who is preparing for your class, writing and searching a lot of additional materials for students - for example book summaries and quotes. Students, in turn, spend a lot of time searching for necessary issues - articles and books to study, organizing their notes and getting ready for an exam. LiveCarta bundles will improve both sides. 

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What are the Bundles?

Bundles is where you can manage and distribute materials. Package different forms of content together like books, documents and other educational materials that are published on LiveCarta. You can sell and/or share your bundles with your students in one of three ways. 

Bundles are easy to create - it only takes four simple steps. See how you can create a bundle here

What are the benefits?

For educators:

  • Create your unique and perfect course kit. Package different kinds of educational materials in one bundle: books, documents, collections of individual chapters, quotes and even your notes;
  • Save some time on preparing the classes as all needed materials for your course will be pre-organized. Pay more attention to the other teaching tasks;
  • Share important materials, notes and quotes with students, always knowing they will have everything they need.

For students:

  • No need to organize all class materials and important texts - they will be in one place already;
  • Save time before class and exam preparation, focus on studying more.

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