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Artificial Intelligence in Wireless Robotics

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November 9, 2022
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Artificial Intelligence in Wireless Robotics

Author: Kwang-Cheng Chen
Category: computers book
Price: $125.00

The manuscript of this book was developed based on the class note of a new graduate course Robotics and AI offered by the author at the University of South Florida, which is well suitable for the first-year graduate students and senior undergraduate students only with prior knowledge in undergraduate probability and matrix algebra, in addition to basic programming.

The new aspect of this book is to introduce the role of wireless communication technology enhancing the AI that is used for robotics. Consequently, the title of this book is Artificial Intelligence in Wireless Robotics. There are many application scenarios of robotics and this book primarily focuses on autonomous mobile robots and robots requiring wireless infrastructure such as those in a (networked) smart factory. It is also noted that robotics involves multi-disciplinary knowledge, mostly in electrical engineering, computer science, computer engineering, and mechanical engineering. Considering a decent number of pages, this book is not going to cover every aspect of robotics. Instead, this book is prepared for readers and students without any prior knowledge in robotics, by introducing AI and wireless factors into robotics.

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