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Create Study Materials on LiveCarta

How To Become An Author In 2020
December 30, 2022

We know how much time educators spend on searching for relevant study materials. But no one knows your course and your students' needs better than you. LiveCarta allows you to publish your books and academic materials online with several supplementary tools to help both you and your students succeed. See how easy it is!

We know how busy you are! The whole process of publishing takes 7 quick steps only! Start with the first step. It only takes a few seconds to sign up!

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Professors and educators usually have to spend way too much time to make their course relevant, affordable for students, and tightly aligned with educational materials. 

Our mission is to simplify this process and make it easier for you. LiveCarta makes book publishing easier for authors and professors, and more accessible for students. This is what will change the course of online learning at universities, and it can start in your classroom today.

What benefits LiveCarta gives you:

  1. Create books, documents, binders, and more with text and multimedia 
  2. Make your book interactive! Include videos, pictures, audio, and more to facilitate learning
  3. Set your own price and receive up to 50% royalty on all book sales
  4. Or create open-source free materials. You can hide it and assign them for your students only
  5. Simple editing and revisions to text without having to re-publish
  6. The LiveCarta team offers 24/7 support

Sign up at LiveCarta and make a bigger impact on the education system today!

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LiveCarta can be a great resource for you right now, even if your books aren’t published yet. See some of our great titles and collections here in our Catalog. You can tailor the majority of these books for your course, add multimedia, notes, buy and assign to your students particular chapters, create collections, and more. 

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