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Maximize revenue opportunities from your HigherEd portfolio

Enhance your catalog with innovative tools for blended learning


Transform static eBook content into a collection of powerful elements to extract new value

LiveCarta is the digital transformation platform for the next generation of university content producers. We help publishers to go beyond eBook functionality by infusing their catalog materials with cutting-edge EdTech capabilities. This dynamic blend transforms outdated books into customizable resources.

Flexibility in Format
Offer content that can be selected as a whole or picked apart — sell entire eBooks, or parse them into adaptable chapters and lessons.
Customization Power
Give educators and course developers the magnificent tool of a digital customization engine, putting the ability to tailor content right at their fingertips.
Ease of Use
Streamline the creation process with an interface designed to be understood intuitively, making the path from idea to publication smoother than ever.
Value Reimagined
Re-engineer static eBook content into a suite of potent elements, each extracting newfound value from every page.
Enhance your feature set for universities

Enhance your feature set for universities

As HigherEd institutions evolve into hybrid learning environments, LiveCarta empowers you to pioneer this new landscape and provides a suite of features tailored for the modern-day course developer

Expand sales opportunities

Provide HigherEd purchasers with the choice of full eBooks or on-demand chapters.

Digital rentals

Offer digital content on terms that sync perfectly with your business model, granting access for periods determined by you.

Custom Chapters & Collections

Allow users to customize chapters or curate their very own Collections, bringing genuine personalization to the educational experience.

Rich multimedia integration

Enhance the learning experience with the ability to integrate multimedia elements such as audio and video seamlessly.

Seamless LMS integration

LiveCarta effortlessly integrates with all IMS LTI 1.3 compliant learning management systems, including Canvas, Blackboard, Moodle, and D2L.

Innovative AI tools

Elevate the academic experience with the cutting-edge AI-powered tools: Chapter Search and Curriculum Outline Builder.

LiveCarta is the digital publishing solution that powers the blended learning ambitions of any higher education publisher

Tier-1 Publishers
Accelerate your learning materials’ journey to market with our cutting-edge development support.
Small/Medium Publishers
Enrich your eBook catalog with the course and curriculum development features that modern universities demand.
University Press
Unlock new markets by creating value-added editions of your digital portfolio.
Associations and Non-Profits
Capitalize on the educational potential of your specialized content to further your members’ aspirations.
Medical Publishers
Cultivate a burgeoning market for your enhanced university eBooks and contribute to training tomorrow’s healthcare professionals.
Legal Publishers
Partner with us to potentiate your content and redefine the casebook landscape.

Leading innovation with LiveCarta

Industry Firsts Industry Firsts

Introducing Pay-by-Chapter (PBC) flexibility and Remix-on-Demand (RoD) technology for unprecedented content customization.

Dynamic Adaptation Dynamic Adaptation

Streamline content upgrades and reordering to guarantee it meets the swift pace of technological advancements.

Serving the Academic World Serving the Academic World

Providing publishers tools to better serve educational institutions, creating a ripple effect of benefit to students.

Our Privacy & Security Commitment

LiveCarta is dedicated to protecting our customers and partners from the continually evolving security threats in today’s digital world. We  provide the best available security measures to protect the privacy of all users, keeping our platforms secure and safeguarding your content.

Our Privacy & Security Commitment

Textbook Transformation Made Easy

We have the right tools, the right support and the right development expertise to help you adjust to the new world of university learning content.