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Tailor and supplement educational content to create relevant and affordable teaching materials.


How it works

It takes minutes to create custom teaching materials from high-quality textbooks.
Step 1

Step 1

Pick one or more books you want to use in your class. Use them as a whole or only the chapters you want to teach. Instructors can request review copies of the books they plan to use.

Step 2

Step 2

Enhance the content with video, audio, images, and other info, add your own chapters, or just use the content as is. Skip unnecessary chapters, or change the order to match your syllabus.

Step 3

Step 3

Assign the customized materials you created directly to your students, link it inside your LMS, or publish your custom material in the Catalog and get paid for your work.

Quality customizable content from trusted partners

Mc Graw Hill
The Foundation

Serving the Educators and the Students

Lower cost for students, maintain quality Lower cost for students, maintain quality

Providing quality course materials to your students is critical, but the cost can add up quickly. Choose from a variety of affordable and OER titles in our Catalog, or leverage our buy-by-chapter option if you don’t teach the whole book lowering the overall cost of materials without sacrificing quality.

Save time with our tools and dedicated support Save time with our tools and dedicated support

Create custom teaching materials effortlessly with LiveCarta’s user-friendly tools. Whether you prefer to work independently or with the help of our dedicated support team, we offer free personalized advice on selecting the best tools to achieve your goals, as well as guidance on how to use them effectively.

Make teaching materials more relevant and engaging Make teaching materials more relevant and engaging

Customize textbooks or create custom Collections from chapters of multiple books to match the desired learning outcomes. We offer the flexibility to add additional text and media to expand on the book material, creating a more engaging learning experience that helps students better understand the course concepts.

LMS Integration - keep everything in one place LMS Integration – keep everything in one place

You and your students can seamlessly access LiveCarta materials from your LMS. Link to an entire book or material, a specific chapter, or even small parts inside the chapters. LiveCarta supports integration with all IMS LTI 1.3 compliant learning management systems, including Canvas, Black Board, Moodle, and D2L.

Better student outcomes with rich content and media

Improve student comprehension and engagement by enhancing book content with supplemental text and media:








Interactive objects

Interactive objects



Text and Links

Text and Links

Code snippets

Code snippets

What instructors say about us

Ziyad Motala

Ziyad Motala

Professor of Law at Howard University School of Law

LiveCarta is an innovative, cost effective and quick way to produce a case book. It offers both an online and a well bound, well printed, glossy physical copy option. The staff are efficient, helpful and very responsive throughout the production process. There is no other option that offers such a quick turnaround time. What is particularly unique is the option to easily make revisions for subsequent editions.

Brian L. Frye

Brian L. Frye

Spears-Gilbert Associate Professor of Law, UK Rosenberg College of Law

Open-access publishing is the future of legal pedagogy, and LiveCarta is on the cutting edge. I deeply appreciate their work formatting, distributing, and promoting the open-access professional responsibility casebook I co-authored. Our goal was to make free teaching materials available to as many people as possible, and LiveCarta helped make it happen.

James E. Simon

Distinguished Professor, Department of Plant Biology

I found LiveCarta to be amazing educational platform. Both using it as a remote teaching platform and/or as a supplement to in person class lectures, LiveCarta provided me with the needed flexibility and ease of posting, revising and updating; and even more important the students with the needed ease of taking notes and adding their own comments and questions to all posted information. The students loved the system. I will be converting all my class materials onto LiveCarta.

Thomas Cotter

Thomas Cotter

Taft Stettinius & Hollister Professor of Law, University of Minnesota Law School

LiveCarta has enabled me to publish a casebook that is easily accessible to students at low or no cost to them.  I can make revisions whenever new developments come along to keep the material current.  I think this is the way to go with casebook publishing!

Every class is different – pick the tool that works for yours

Pick a tool that fits your needs or combine multiple options for an ultimate digital course pack.

Remix Chapters from different books and add your own with Collections

You are no longer limited to picking a single textbook for your class. With LiveCarta’s Collection feature, you can mix and match chapters from different books, organize them in the order you need, and add your text and media-rich commentary and custom chapters to expand on the material.


Customize a single book with Custom copies

Modify the author’s original book and adjust it to your teaching needs. Share a custom copy with your students. Personalize materials for your classes by changing the order of chapters, hiding unnecessary chapters, and adding in new notes and multimedia (such as audio, video, pictures, and more).


Combine and Organize all class materials into a Bundle

Compile all kinds of educational materials in a single shareable bundle: books, custom copies, and documents. Share it with students in a single action, always knowing they will have everything they need. You can add your co-instructors and assistants to help you manage the course and add and remove materials from the bundle throughout the course.


Emphasize important parts with Binders and Copy link

Select and organize relevant parts of the text from multiple books, documents, and other materials into a Binder, add your own content, and share it with your class. You can also Copy links to specific parts of the books and share it with anyone who owns that title to emphasize an idea, help with a quiz, or point your students in the right direction.


Publish your own book

When publishing your books and academic materials on LiveCarta you have full control of the price and all the privacy and allowed usage settings. Receive up to 65% royalty on all book sales, and make minor revisions or new editions at any time to keep the content up to date. If your book is already written, our team will upload it to your account – no work is required on your part!

We take care of permissions and attributions

We take care of permissions and attributions

No more worries about content clearance, understanding licensing, or requesting permission. Whenever you customize, remix, or supplement content using built-in LiveCarta tools – it means that the content owner allowed it directly or via a Creative Commons license.

Every time you add commentary and media inside a Custom copy of a book or Collection, it will be attributed and visually differentiated from the original author’s work, so it is always clear who produced the content.

Built-in study tools for your students

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Mobile apps

Access books and materials any time anywhere with LiveCarta mobile apps for iOS and Android. Study on the go with Offline mode, Read Aloud, Highlights and notes.

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Highlights and annotations

Highlighting and making notes on the important parts of the book makes getting ready for classes and exams feel like a breeze and helps retain the important information.

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Clipping quotes Binders

Digital Binders are the easiest way to clip parts of books and add them to your notes in one click. Keep your information in one place, and use it again when studying for exams.

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Frequently Asked Questions

LiveCarta is a free application, as are individual accounts. You will find both free and paid content on the platform, clearly marked and easily purchased. You decide what and how much is right for you.

To get started, simply reach out to us via the “Contact Us” page with the following information:

  • The title(s) or link(s) of the book(s) you wish to review
  • Your full name, academic email address, and title
  • The name of your institution and the course(s) you’ll be teaching

Once we receive your request, we’ll review it and pass it along to the publishers or authors who own the rights to the books you’re interested in. We may ask for additional information, and the requests will be approved or denied at LiveCarta’s and the content owner’s discretion.

On LiveCarta, content owners like authors and publishers have the ability to control what actions customers can take with their titles. The features and capabilities of each title can be found on its page in the Catalog since each title, and the things you can do with them is different. If you are able to create a Custom copy or use a chapter in a Collection using the built-in tools on LiveCarta, it means that the content owner has given consent for that type of usage. If the content owner chose not to allow such usage, the functions will not be available inside your account.

Yes! LiveCarta supports integration with all IMS LTI 1.3 compliant learning management systems, including Canvas, Black Board, Moodle, and D2L. The LMS connection takes only a few minutes to complete and requires your LMS admin to add LiveCarta as a tool to your LMS. Reach out to our support team at or your LiveCarta representative for the connection parameters and step-by-step user guides.

Please out to our support team at or via the “Contact Us” page and we will look into adding the subject or title you are looking for to our Catalog.

You may choose to upload your work to LiveCarta yourself or send the manuscript to and we will upload it to your account free of charge. Once a licensing agreement is signed, you can enjoy higher royalties, full control over privacy and usage settings, and the ability to make minor revisions and publish new editions at any time.

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