Equity in Education: LiveCarta's Commitment to Inclusive Learning

Equity in Education: LiveCarta’s Commitment to Inclusive Learning

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October 3, 2023

In the ever-evolving landscape of higher education, one paramount goal remains constant: fostering an inclusive learning environment that champions equity and diversity. At LiveCarta, we understand the significance of this commitment, and it is at the core of everything we do. In this article, we delve into our unwavering dedication to inclusive learning and how it impacts the educational experience for all.

Defining Inclusive Learning

To embark on this journey, let's first understand what Inclusive Learning means. It's not just a buzzword but a philosophy that underpins the very essence of education. Inclusive learning goes beyond accommodating diverse student demographics; it's about dismantling barriers, leveling the playing field, and ensuring that every learner, regardless of background, has equitable access to quality education.

Our Vision: Inclusion for All

At LiveCarta, our vision aligns perfectly with this definition. We firmly believe that education is a fundamental human right, and it should be accessible to everyone, irrespective of their circumstances. This belief fuels our commitment to fostering inclusion for all students, regardless of their age, race, gender, or abilities.

The average cost of tuition and fees at a public four-year school increased by about 10% over 10 years, according to the National Center for Education Statistics

The Role of Technology in Inclusive Learning

In today's digital age, technology plays a pivotal role in ensuring that education is inclusive and accessible. Our commitment to inclusive learning is exemplified through our cutting-edge technology solutions. We understand that students have diverse needs, and we aim to cater to each one of them.

Tackling student cost of living with OERs:

There's a clear connection between student affordability, access, and inclusion. Open Access content, though widely available online, can be challenging to navigate for specific information. In today's fast-paced world, people seek easy access to information. The LiveCarta Open Resources Collection offers curated content, presenting a solution for institutions aiming to enhance equity and accessibility in higher education.

Textbook Rentals:

To further support educational equity, we offer textbook rentals. This means that students can access premium content without the burden of a hefty price tag. What sets us apart is our commitment to preserving students' notes and highlights for six months after their rental period ends. This way, their valuable insights remain readily available, enhancing the continuity of their education journey.

Buy Only Needed Chapters:

In recognition of the fact that many courses require multiple textbooks but only utilize specific chapters from each, LiveCarta offers flexibility. Students can purchase only the chapters that are directly relevant to their studies. This approach not only helps students save money but also ensures that they have access to precisely the content they need, promoting equity in educational resources.

Explore the advantages of individual chapters and their potential benefits for your course creation.

Taking Inclusivity Beyond the Classroom

LiveCarta's commitment to inclusive learning goes beyond traditional classroom boundaries. We actively collaborate with educators, institutions, and policymakers to promote equitable access to education. Through partnerships with esteemed publishers like OpenStax, Wiley, ABA, Packt Publishing, Manning, River Publishers, McGraw Hill Professional, and more, we ensure that students have access to a diverse selection of voices and perspectives across course content.

Wiley - Inclusive Learning
Mc Graw Hill
Inclusive Learning
Packt - Inclusive Learning

Incorporating digital content from LiveCarta into your institution's technology infrastructure enables students to access materials conveniently, anytime, and on any device. This approach accommodates students' diverse lifestyles while optimizing institutional budgets by reducing the need for frequent replacements of damaged, lost, or stolen materials.


In conclusion, LiveCarta remains steadfast in its commitment to inclusive learning. We believe in the universality of education, where every student has an equal opportunity to succeed. As we navigate the ever-evolving landscape of higher education, we call for collaboration among educators, institutions, and stakeholders to create a more inclusive educational environment. Together, we can ensure that equity, diversity, and inclusion are not mere words but guiding principles that shape the future of learning for all.

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